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Sparkle Hard | Stephen Malkmus

I wrote a few days ago, "Mirror Traffic" is Stephen Malkmus best album. But this album is better than that one.


He was known a good songwriter from before, the album is made by the strong motive of his music. The attitude is just like his friend Beck's one who is the producer of "Mirror Traffic".


It has many songs like Pavement. For example, No.5 "Middle America" that's it.








Several Shades of Why | J Mascis

Our guitar hero, J Mascis. This is an acoustic solo album of release from Sub Pop Records on 2011. His similar artist Kurt Vile also joined for the album.


it's outstanding his songwriting skill on these acoustic work. And his like Neil Young style appear more clearly. That is wonderful for us!


He is the man making really great songs.


No.6"Make it Right", this song is beautiful and gentle one featuring clarinet or something.


Of course, the electric guitar also has sounded very effective. The awesome sound has been heard from No.7"Where Are You", No.10"What Happened" and so on.










Mirror Traffic | Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

This record is an album by Stephen Malkmus released on 2011. The album had produced by Beck. Maybe, this work is the best album in his career after the break up of Pavement.


The 1st song "Tigers" is so strange and so catchy. The 3rd "Senator" is  cool psychedelic punk. Outside him, nobody write such a song. And the 4th "Brain Gallop" is bluesy psychedelic rock. In this album, this song belike a Pavement's song.


In addition, Guitar sounds so good from start to finish. Beck is also the greatest as a producer!




Mirror Traffic

Mirror Traffic



Tonight's the Night | Neil Young

It's the album by Neil Young in 1975.


He had tributed this album to friends Danny Whitten and Bruce Berry. They both died of drug overdoses before the album released. He recorded this album getting drunk on tequila. 


With such a background, this album contains the mood of heavy and dark. That is the  typical sequel from "On the Beach" released in the previous year.


The fifth song "Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown" was a 1970 live recording with Danny Witton who was a member of Crazy Horse.


It seems like this hopeful rock'n'roll song is just like smiling cheerfully of deceased. The sixth song "Mellow My Mind" has heard with disappointment and crying. Actually, Neil is also singing while really crying.


There is no technique, There is no good or bad. Here is only a real expression of living and death.


So I have impressed by this album.








The Meters | The Meters

Today, I introduce New Orleans funk R&B band The Meters.


This album released in 1969 is their debut album. 


This work had issued by their original member, Art Neville(keyboards), Ziggy Modeliste(drums), Leo Nocentelli(guitar), George Porter Jr.(bass).

Although this album is debut work, they had spent many sessions with various musicians before released.


Because so their performance is awsome.



The Meters

The Meters






The Uplift Mofo Party Plan | Red Hot Chili Peppers

For the past few days, Funk music is booming in my head.


Red Hot Chili Peppers got into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and they got Grammy Awards.


But their early years they were one of the coolest band in late 80's LA punk scene. And they were playing funk music influenced by jazz and soul music with excellent technic.


What an awesome band!


This third album released in 1987. It was the last album when the initial guitarist Hillel Slovak played in his lifetime.


The next guitarist John Frusciante is also great guitarist, and the band is releasing some great albums.


But this album is one of their highest point. That is because, the best work with Hillel Slovak. He is a genius guitarist of extraordinary.


All songs are great! I especially like the 4th song "Backwoods" and the 8th song "Special Secret Song Inside". They perform funk and rap by a style of hardcore-punk and play cool guitar like Jimi Hendrix on sometimes.




The Uplift Mofo Party Plan

The Uplift Mofo Party Plan



Mothership Connection | Parliament

This is the best of funk music! This is the 4th album of American funk band Parliament  known historical masterpiece.


In the P-Funk project led by genius George Clinton, another band, Funkadelic is located on the rock side, whereas Parliament's works is perfect dance music with using horn sections and synths.


This album released in 1975 is a really great album. These songs have high quality and band members play so good. But not only that. I think this album has a special something.


A masterpiece has something like that.




Mothership Connection

Mothership Connection