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Tonight's the Night | Neil Young

It's the album by Neil Young in 1975.


He had tributed this album to friends Danny Whitten and Bruce Berry. They both died of drug overdoses before the album released. He recorded this album getting drunk on tequila. 


With such a background, this album contains the mood of heavy and dark. That is the  typical sequel from "On the Beach" released in the previous year.


The fifth song "Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown" was a 1970 live recording with Danny Witton who was a member of Crazy Horse.


It seems like this hopeful rock'n'roll song is just like smiling cheerfully of deceased. The sixth song "Mellow My Mind" has heard with disappointment and crying. Actually, Neil is also singing while really crying.


There is no technique, There is no good or bad. Here is only a real expression of living and death.


So I have impressed by this album.